The Nexus, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Nexus is the only site within D1 that is:

- Commercially available

- Priced at a commercially viable rate for the land

- Well located, on the Saigon River

- There are no compensation issues

- There are no clearance issues

From an investor perspective the development itself provides an opportunity to build a long term asset with a short term capital claw back via residential sales. The location of the project and the investment structure coupled with good design and management will allow an increase in asset values over and above the development cost.

Project Status

- Basic Design Completed

Project Description

- 3 towers above a retail podium

- 8,634.5 sq metres of cleared land, overlooking the river, in D1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- The development has permission for a 15.5 X plot ratio which could be of approximately 133,835 sq metres Gross Floor Area (GFA) above ground of high end apartments for sale on long lease, retail, hotel and offices.

- Land Use Right Certificate (LURC for 50 years)

- Cleared Land with no compensation issues

Development Concept

- Investment grade product

- Offices – Grade B+ international, Grade A Vietnam

- Hotel – Business Hotel such as OAsia by Far East Group in Singapore

- Retail – Mid range, Food & Beverage (F&B) and Entertainment led.  Up to 40% F&B.  Aimed at the younger middle class office worker market.  Late opening to 10 pm or later.  Heavy use of river views, Le Loi extension (Ho Chi Minh City’s main retail area) and indoor/outdoor dining

- Residential – High end to leverage on the river views and location. Flexibility on the offering will be the key.  The ability to offer whole floors or smaller studio units needs to be retained as far as economically and practically possible. 

- Separation of Sites 1A and 1B as much as possible so as to allow the investment or development sale of site 1B

- Iconic glass bridge with F&B views over Le Loi Park and Saigon River